Saturday, November 22, 2008

Choc wouldn't let me take a picture of him so I had to post this! Love ya Choc!
Ava looks happy.

My husband got really into this wilderness, cooking by the fire thing. I think he looks so cute here!

Ava loved this tepee. Here is my sis, Kayla enjoying a smore.

We kept burning everything we cooked. It was so funny!

Kayla and Creighton! Happy 1st Anniversary!

These guys got way into the "starting a fire" thing. They had so much fun acting like kids!

I am just now getting around to posting these pictures, but we took them a couple of weeks ago. Bryan, Ava, our nephew, Choc, and I went to see my sister and her husband at a cabin they were renting. We had so much fun. We played, cooked by the fire, played in a real tee-pee. We had a blast and ended up with some really great pictures.

I am also posting some pictures of Ava cheerleading! She was hysterical! When they had their practices she wouldn't even move, but when it came to game day she got down! The only problem was that she had her own moves, not what everyone else was doing. It was so funny.

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sike-o said...

Sooo cute and looks like you all had a blast! Tell Kayla hi for me. I also LOVE the new pics of you guys on the side. Who did those? They are wonderful!

And can your husbands look anymore like brothers??? :)